Junior District Selections 2017-2018
Date of Event : Thu May 11, 2017 12:41PM

The final selections have been made for all District Teams, the selectors, the club and myself are thrilled to announce the following players who have been offered and have accepted positions within the squads they are named in the attached .pdf document.

Players have deliberately not been named in a 1st XI Team, or as a development player, as we find each year that over the winter period players develop and change very differently and come back to cricket in the preseason sometimes as very different players from what was presented at the trials, both in a positive and sometimes negative way. So for the sake of the players, and the coaches and assistant coaches who will be looking after the squads next season, they will gather the squads in the preseason and recommence assessing player development and skills from where they were ranked at the point of the trial selection and they will then quickly form the basis of the 1st XI Team and development players and notify the payers and parents accordingly.

We have finalized the numbers that we intend to take on in terms of  the main squad and development players, and not everyone who trains during the pre-season will necessarily be in the final group of players.  We do however, see all the players who have been selected at this point to have the potential to continue to improve and play cricket at a high skill level required for Junior District Level cricket.

We have at this stage selected the following squad numbers to commence training in the pre-season:

  • U13’s Inverarity Shield Preseason Squad – 26 Players
  • U14’s McKenzie Shield Preseason Squad – 26 Players
  • U15’s Watkins Shield Preseason Squad – 27 Players
  • U17’s WADCC Shield Preseason Squad – 19 Players

Final Squads sizes will be as per the following below once preseason reassessment has been completed and announced by the coaching staff of each particular age group:

  • U13’s Inverarity Shield Squad – 14 Players + 4 Development Players
  • U14’s McKenzie Shield Squad – 14 Players + 4 Development Players
  • U15’s Watkins Shield Squad – 14 Players + 4 Development Players
  • U17’s WADCC Shield Preseason Squad – 19 Players

The decision on the selections in the preseason squads were unanimous and there was no requirements for a ‘Captain’s Call’ or any additional trials. We know there will be many disappointed players and parents but we are more than happy to provide some general feedback if you would like it at this stage. We also wish to provide some suggestions for you to use this process to help all players going forward.

General Observations

  • Wide spread level of skills which was evident by:
    • How long the individuals had been playing cricket,
    • The level and type of coaching they had received,         
    • School, some schools have very strong cricket programs and play often,
    • Age/size to a lesser degree
  • No lack of endeavour or enthusiasm – perhaps a few were trying too hard (trying to hit every ball too hard, bowl too fast) or were quite nervous on the day.

Selection Issues

We had 238 players register (a new club record) and try out at the trials over the 4 age groups, which ran over 3 weeks and incorporated 28 different 2 to 3hr mid-week evening and full day weekend sessions. The same core group of 3 to 5 selectors was used for each age group to create uniformity. Each selector made their own mind up independently of the other selectors, but there was remarkable level of consistency among the assessments.

Some of the selectors turned up with no prior knowledge of the players and again their assessments mirrored very closely those who “knew of” the players one way or another. There were no significant discrepancies between any selector’s assessments on a case-by-case comparison basis with consensus quickly reached in the whole selection process.

The Way Forward

Missing the selection is disappointing but it should not be the catalyst to get angry at selectors or the process, rather as a driver for players to assess their own game and making the changes they need to give themselves every opportunity to succeed next time now that they have this year’s trials experience under their belts. I know that Glenn McGrath did not get noticed by his junior selectors until he was 17! …and he turned up to junior trials year in year out from the age of 12, it shows what can happen if you have that type of dedication and persistence, he didn’t do too badly once he forced selectors to take notice!

So maybe use this as an opportunity to progress your son’s cricket future. They are all developing young men and a year is a relatively long time to them, bodies change, skills improve, confidence builds. 

We hope you enjoy your winter sport of choice and look forward to seeing you all back again next season.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to send in your positive feedback and support, and also to the selectors, parents and club volunteers who came down each week to help us out, we thank you all very much, it was a massive undertaking that went off without too many issues, even the weather was on our side!


Garry Martin

Junior District Coordinator

Senior & Junior WACA Delegate

Claremont-Nedlands Cricket Club

Last updated: Thursday May 11, 2017 2:43PM
Author: Garry Martin